ECON Suite

ECON AFC is the specialist solution for administration, finance and management control, with broad functional coverage. With ECON AFC we provide your company with complete and reliable accounting management, always up-to-date with respect to Italian regulations and the needs of international groups. All this is supported by a modern document workflow management system.

Document-centric approach

Thanks to specific data entry forms, ECON AFC can be used to manage information in a simple and intuitive way, automatically processing the accounting, fiscal, financial and management aspects of each document. The document becomes the element at the origin of every process occurring in accounting. The whole system has been designed to ensure that the user has to perform as few operations as possible.

Flexible solution

The ECON AFC suite is characterized by a modular and multi-platform structure capable of responding to specific customer needs. Furthermore, the ECON suite is natively integrated with applications dedicated to Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence, and to BPM (Business Process Management).

Technological solution

The ECON AFC suite is developed on the IBM Power System, AS400 (with graphical interface) and Oracle platforms.

Features of the Suite

ECON AFC is as a leading product for the support of Administration, Finance and Control business activities as it is:

  • Multi Company/Group;
  • Multi Language;
  • Multi Currency;
  • Multi Budget;
  • Multi Platform;
  • Equipped with a graphic interface;
  • It supports the direct export of data in the most popular formats (Excel, PDF etc.).
  • Compatible with the main personal productivity tools (MS Office, email, Internet Browser etc.)