Specialized product and/or project consultancy

MCG also offers its clients consulting services, and specifically:

MCG  is able to offer customers high-level specialist product and/or project consultancy with the aim to provide the most effective solution to the actual and specific needs of the customer.

The adoption of a new information system whether it is the Econ suite or one of the Document Management or Corporate Performance Management solutions is an opportunity and reason to renew and redefine business processes with a view to improving them.

A real competitive advantage for organizations derives from the review and optimization of processes as this allows them to improve operational efficiency and the ability to respond promptly to market changes by implementing strict cost control.

To carry out these activities, MCG makes use of qualified staff who are constantly updated on technological innovations and organizational consultancy methodologies. Starting from the analysis and mapping of the procedures currently in use, to the definition of the objectives you want to achieve, MCG consultants identify the best solutions and plan the most appropriate software implementations to obtain the desired benefits.

Furthermore, MCG  provides for the continuous updating of its customers on new tax laws, through communication on its website and via newsletters.

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MCG offers training services of personnel training, both in the initial start-up phase of the project and in the subsequent post-start phases, to give users a more effective use of the functionality and potential of its solutions thanks to an increased level of competence.

The training is normally organized by application area in order to provide for each solution a complete overview of all functional and technical aspects with the related opportunities and methods for customization.