Main functional areas and modules

The ECON AFC suite is characterized by a modular and multi-platform structure capable of addressing the specific needs of the customer.


This area includes the typical operational functions of the administrative-accounting office also at the department and intercompany level. Its primary objectives are increasing efficiency, reducing execution times and workloads and, at the same time, increasing the data flows necessary for other areas.

The ECOGEN area represents the core of the Econ Suite. The modules within it are designed to manage not only civil-fiscal information but at the same time to also support the following processes

  • Management control;
  • Analytical Accounting;
  • Financial management;
  • Business Intelligence
  • Electronic document management.

ECONgen Modules

  • Registry of Subjects
  • Registry of Operations (Customers, Suppliers, Agents, etc.)
  • General accounting;
  • VAT
  • Bill of Exchange portfolio
  • Payments to supplier
  • Payments Schedule
  • Management of depreciable assets;
  • Withholding tax
  • Management of INTRA models
  • Management of commissions
  • Control and Credit/Debt Management
  • Management of Service Orders
  • Contract Management;
  • Group and Intercompany management.

This area includes applications for Management Control, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management.

The applications in ECOGES allow you to analyze company performance through the perspective of Management Control. The data collected from general and analytical accounting, integrated with non-accounting entries, flow into Econ automatically both from specific modules of the Suite (assets, commissions, service orders, contracts, etc.), and from management applications.

With the ECOGES module customers can:

  • analyze business results by profit center, if the company is structured on several Business Units;
  • analyze the differences by expense item and cost center in relation to the final balance sheets or the budget;
  • reclassify the financial statements according to diversified formats to meet different business needs.

The ECON Accounting Data Warehouse module is a tool capable of normalizing all the movements of the analytical and general accounting; it is therefore the data source for CPM and BI applications.

For a more articulated Management Control project, we invite you to refer to the BI Business Intelligence and CPM Corporate Performance Management applications developed by our subsidiary MHS Consulting.

The modules present within ECOGES are: 

  • Interim internal budget
  • Analysis of cost centers and balance sheet reclassifications
  • Profitability of profit centers
  • Econ accounting data warehouse

For a more complex project of management control, a set of applications integrated with Econ developed with market-leading BI Business Intelligence and CPM Corporate Performance Management tools is available.

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This area includes the functions to easily respond to the obligations imposed by current legislation on the statutory financial statements.

Through automated and flexible procedures, the user can obtain specific reports in response to different needs: from the reclassification of the financial statements (according to the criteria of the IV EEC directive, for example), to the annexes and explanatory notes required by national and European legislation.

The modules of ECOBIL are:

  • Civil-fiscal balance sheet
  • IV EEC Directive + supplementary note

ECOFIN represents the solution to the requirements related to business finance.

The ECOFIN modules allow you to manage Treasury, Cash Flows, reconciliation of bank statements and management of Corporate-Banking.

In addition, it allows you to automatically manage customer receipts directly from bank transactions, as well as the import of transactions from bank statement.

The modules of ECOFIN are:

  • Corporate Banking Management
  • Treasury Management
  • Control and reconciliation of bank statements
  • Cash Flows

The ECODOC area includes the functions to archive and manage any type of document, activating custom workflows for each of them.

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